7 reasons you should make love everyday

Most people will cynically say se x is not food and therefore, is not something to indulge in everyday. Others will cite the harsh economic condition of the country where men and women need to hustle everyday to put food on the table and say this cannot possibly allow for se x to be an everyday thing.
But wait a minute, no matter how tight your schedules are, you can still have time for some under the sheet activities, after all, researchers say it is good for you and your health.
Se x is not just about physical intimacy, it’s also a sensual and pleasurable form of exercise! And that’s not just it. Having se x once a day leads to a feeling of overall well-being among couples.
If crazy work schedules leave you stressed at the end of the day, then why not indulge in some lovemaking with your spouse to get things rolling?
Okay, so we have here seven reasons why you should have se x every day.

1. Increases immunity
Studies have revealed that regular sex leads to higher chances of increased immunity in men and women. So if you are having se x daily, then you should know that it increases the level of immune-boosting antibody called immunoglobulin A, which helps you fight common illnesses.
2. Great form of exercise
If you think the only way you can exercise is hitting the gym of slapping the streets every morning, hear this: Se x is a great form of exercise and helps burn those stubborn calories. Furthers studies suggest that having se x regularly is as good as pumping iron in the gym. Also, sexual intercourse involves muscular movement of the thighs, legs, arms, shoulders and lower abdomen which is equals to total workout of the body.
Satisfied Coupleplay
Satisfied Couple

3. Brings a couple closer
Regular se x with your partner can actually bring the two of you closer. If a hectic lifestyle is making you feel spaced out in a relationship, then se x can be the solution! Most couples who find it difficult to spend time during the day owing to work commitments, can get the most out of their bedrooms. Interestingly, regular lovemaking brings a couple closer thereby strengthening their relationship.

4. Comfort factor
If you do feel vulnerable in bed, especially when you’re na ked in front of your partner, getting comfortable with each other’s bodies is only possible when you indulge in physical intimacy more often.
Research has revealed that couples who make love more frequently are likely to feel reassured about themselves in bed.
5. Se x makes you look and feel young
There’s no doubt that an active se x life make couples live a happy and longer life. Research suggests that se xual interaction allows the release of endorphins and boosts the skin’s production of vitamin D, which in turn makes one look and feel young.
6. Gives you better sleep
Having se x before hitting the bed is the best way to ensure a good night’s sleep. This is because the yummy exhaustion following intercourse is a natural reaction of the body which helps in inducing sleep. So after a hectic day at work, indulge in sweat-inducing se x to get some restful slumber.
7. Se x is plain fun
Se x can be a fun exercise for couples who are in a committed relationship. So while physical intimacy helps the two of you stay connected, it also helps in adding some spice in your life. Moreover, experimenting in the bedroom with more than just vanilla se x can add that much-needed naughty element to your relationship.

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