John Terry offers to pay for funeral of 8yr old Chelsea fan who died of leukaemia

Chelsea captain and legend John Terry has offered to pay for the funeral of an 8 year old Chelsea fan who died from a long battle with leukemia. The young boy, Tommi Miller died after an unsuccessful attempt to carry out a bone marrow transplant.

The Cambridge born boy met Terry, his idol and some other Chelsea players at Stamford Bridge in June last year and Terry says he was devastated to hear of the kid’s passing away.

Speaking to Cambridge News, the 35-year-old said:

‘Having had the pleasure of meeting Tommi at a Chelsea game I was totally devastated to hear of him passing away. I’m sure his family and friends will give him the send off he deserves.’

The funeral for Tommi will take place on Thursday April 14 with everyone expected to wear Chelsea or Cambridge united Jerseys during the funeral service. His 41 year old mum. Ruth said:

‘I’m overwhelmed really, because Tommi was such a great fan of John Terry in particular. He was one of his favourite players.  We don’t want a traditional sort of funeral. It’s for a child, so we thought we would have it as bright and cheerful as he would want it.

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