Kris Jenner Is Publicly Humiliated, Booed For Minutes In LA Stadium (Pics+Vid)

If Kris Jenner was under any illusion that her family’s success translates to popularity, she was rudely awakened on Saturday night.

The Kardashian family momager was loudly booed by an unreceptive crowd as she made an appearance at an 80s concert in Los Angeles.

So intense was the jeering, that Jenner could not be heard as she attempted to introduce British band Culture Club – and her microphone had to be turned up, and the crowd did not stop booing until she stopped talking.

Finally, Jenner, who was wearing a menswear suit and fedora, finished speaking and seemed to turn her back on the audience.

She stood with her back to the unfriendly crowd for several seconds, struggling with her emotions before a stage hand appeared to help her down some steps and off to the wings.

Even the concert organizer iHeart Radio tweeted their surprise, posting a video of Jenner being jeered with he caption: ‘Wow. Were you surprised at the reaction for @KrisJenner tonight at #iHeart80s?’

Watch the video below. The embarrassment is almost painful to watch


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