New Zealander pensioner charged with smuggling cocaine into Australia claims the bag was given to him by 2 Nigerians  

A New Zealand Kiwi pensioner is in an Australian maximum security prison ail on drug smuggling charges after six kilograms of cocaine was found in his bag. He claimed the bag was given to him by two Nigerian men in Brazil who promised to share huge amount of money with him.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald , 66-year-old Roy Arbon was chasing a large sum of money” a woman offered him if he made a two-day trip to South America. He paid $4000 for flights to meet the two Nigerian men in Brazil who gave him the bag he later took to Perth, which he thought contained only clothing but was lined with cocaine. He was arrested by Australian police on arrival.
Arbon made a brief court appearance in Perth Magistrates Court on Thursday, April 1 via video link from Casuarina, where he has remained since his arrest.

Supporters insist Mr Arbon, a beekeeper and alpine rescuer who helped in some of New Zealand’s worst disasters, is susceptible to scammers who have siphoned thousands of dollars from him before.

Macilquham is one of several friends who believe Arbon was duped into taking the drugs to Australia.

“He’s shocked and stunned. He said he looked through the bag, checked it out and there was nothing,” he said.

He pointed to a widely-reported email scam last year in which a West Cost man lost $200,000. The victim was Arbon. It was proceeds from the sale of his home.

“It shows his mental state and how he thinks…he ‘d be very easy to con,” Macilquhan added. “I do not believe he has done this knowingly whatsoever.”

The matter was adjourned for a committal mention on July 6 in the District Court, where Mr Arbon will enter a plea and either be sentenced or receive a trial date. His lawyer indicated Mr Arbon could apply for bail before then.

Source: Fairfax Media, The Sydney Morning Herald

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