Photos: Actress flashes her b*m as she falls on photographer during red carpet blunder.

We thought the red carpet was pretty easy to navigate – you just walk, stop and pose before moving on. But for Italian actress Yvonne Scio , who is best known for an alleged altercation with Naomi Campbell, and photographer David LaChapelle it couldn’t have been further from the elegant arrival they had no doubt be hoping for as they attended the Festival Los Angeles Italia. David attempted to lift the red-headed beauty in an embrace but unfortunately he seemed to over egg it and she ended up falling over him – leaving them both collapsed on the floor.


Splash Yvonne tries to say hello


But David can’t quite stay upright Unfortunately the tumble left Yvonne flashing a little too much for waiting snappers as her skirt rose up almost around her waist. David – who is well known for his colourful and kitsch pictures of celebrities –handled the situation well and laughed his head off as they rolled around on the floor. Meanwhile Lady Gaga is set to be honoured at the Festival Los Angeles Italia because she is the perfect ambassador for Italian American culture. Splash It all ends up in a big mess The event’s director said Pascal Vicedomini said: “We’re so proud that the Hollywood community considers L.A. Italia an important bridge between our two great countries,” said Vicedomini. “The caliber of stars, filmmakers and celebrities that have come together to kick off our 11th anniversary celebration is truly wonderful. We’re thrilled and honored to have all these great people with us and look forward to facilitating many more successful collaborations between our two countries in the future.”

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