Photos from memorial vigil held in honour of late Nigerian rep at Mandela Washington Fellowship


A memorial vigil was held at the United Methodist Church US yesterday in honor of 24-year-old John Paul Ojaojogwu Usman, one of the 100 Nigerians selected for the entrepreneurship and leadership training in the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship in US who died on Saturday June 25th while hiking near the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

According to the Daily Trust,

A colleague of the late Usman from South Africa, Nzuzi narrated what happened: “We went on a hiking trip. I was walking ahead with four other fellows, including John Paul and one of our coordinators. When we reached the waterfall where some decided to swim, John Paul kept insisting I go into the water and I didn’t, because it was too cold. He decided to join the fellows who were right under the water and the next thing that happened was that he slipped into the water and started drowning. Another fellow tried to save him but they both disappeared for a while. We were all freaked out and then the one fellow (trying to rescue the deceased) came back up but JP remained unseen. We started screaming for help, and people jumped in to look for him. They then recovered his body.”

See more photos below..

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