Shameful! See Man Caught Having S*x with Tree in Broad Daylight (Photos+Video)

A man has left motorists shocked and totally ashamed after he was caught red-handed having s*x with a tree in broad daylight.

The naked man having sex with a tree
A sexually deranged man has been caught red-handed having s*x with a tree in broad day light. The man who was totally n*ked could not hold back his sexual urge for the tree that. The shocking incident happened in Florida.
The sexual encounter was spotted by one driver who stopped in shock and started filming the incident. The horrified camera man could be heard saying: ‘Are you serious? What the f*** is going on? Wow this is really happening right now?’
Metro reports that the video was posted to LiveLeak on Saturday and has since gone viral, with many people suggesting that the man is on the drug Flakka.
 Watch video below:
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